Discover Norway’s Summer Magic: Unforgettable Destinations That Will Steal Your Heart!

Discover Norway’s Summer Magic: Unforgettable Destinations That Will Steal Your Heart!
Vanesa Lucero
Vanesa Lucero
June 5th 2023

Hello, fellow wanderers! When we think of Norway, icy fjords, Northern Lights, and snowcapped mountains may come to mind. But Norway in summer? That’s a totally different, equally magical experience! With 24-hour daylight under the Midnight Sun, prepare to fall in love with these extraordinary summer destinations in Norway.

1. Bask in the Midnight Sun in Lofoten Islands

First on our list are the Lofoten Islands, where quaint fishing villages meet dramatic landscapes. Experience the Midnight Sun, enjoy incredible wildlife sightings, and embark on unforgettable hiking trails. And yes, you can even surf here!

2. Marvel at the Majesty of the Fjords in Geiranger

No trip to Norway is complete without witnessing the majesty of its fjords. Head to Geiranger to explore one of the most beautiful fjords, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Kayaking or a fjord safari will offer unmatched views of cascading waterfalls and steep mountain walls.

3. Take a Historic Journey in Bergen

Known as the Gateway to the Fjords, Bergen is a must-visit city. Its historic waterfront, Bryggen, is a UNESCO site and its bustling fish market is a food lover’s paradise. Also, take the Fløibanen funicular up to Mount Fløyen for panoramic views.

4. Seek Adventure in Jotunheimen National Park

Jotunheimen National Park, or “Home of the Giants”, is perfect for thrill-seekers. Whether it’s hiking, climbing, or even glacier walking, this park’s 250 peaks will leave you in awe. Don’t miss the Besseggen Ridge or the Galdhøpiggen Peak, Norway’s highest point.

5. Breathe the Fresh Air in Aurlandsfjord

Experience one of the world’s most picturesque fjords in Aurlandsfjord. Discover the “Snow Road” and the Stegastein viewpoint, offering breathtaking views. Don’t forget to explore the charming villages of Aurland and Flåm.

6. Witness Wildlife in Svalbard

Venture far north to Svalbard for an extraordinary Arctic experience. In this wildlife haven, you might spot polar bears, reindeer, and walruses. Explore the wilderness on a boat tour or try dog sledding on wheels!

7. Connect with Sami Culture in Finnmark

Experience the rich culture of the Sami, Norway’s indigenous people, in Finnmark. Engage in traditional activities like reindeer herding and Sami joik (chanting). Visit during the Midnight Sun Marathon to see Tromsø at its liveliest.

8. Stroll in the Palace Park in Oslo

Finally, unwind in the capital city of Oslo. The Palace Park is a serene spot for a summer picnic. While here, explore world-class museums like the Viking Ship Museum and the Munch Museum.


From stunning fjords to vibrant cultural experiences, Norway’s summer charms are bound to create unforgettable memories. So, pack your sunglasses (you’ll need them for the Midnight Sun!) and set off for a Scandinavian summer like no other.

Ha det bra and happy traveling!

Vanesa Lucero
Vanesa Lucero
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