Ditch the Hotel, Embrace the Hostel: A Noob’s Guide to Budget-Friendly Stays

Ditch the Hotel, Embrace the Hostel: A Noob’s Guide to Budget-Friendly Stays
Vanesa Lucero
Vanesa Lucero
September 3rd 2023

Hello my budget savvy globetrotters!

So, you’re planning your next vacation, and the hotel prices have you considering selling a kidney? Allow me to introduce you to the magical world of hostels. Yes, you heard me—hostels. And no, they’re not just for broke college students or backpackers with guitars.

Let’s drop those stereotypes right now!

What Even is a Hostel?

Let’s get this straight: a hostel is essentially a budget accommodation where you can book a bed, usually a bunk bed, in a shared room with other travelers. But modern hostels have evolved to offer private rooms, ensuite bathrooms, and even swimming pools!

Pro Tip: Always read reviews and check ratings on hostel booking websites. This is your best bet for dodging the duds.

Savings Galore!

Let’s start with the obvious: hostels are cheap. Like, “I can actually afford to extend my trip by a week” kind of cheap. For the cost of one night in a hotel, you could book several nights in a hostel.

Pro Tip: Many hostels offer discounts if you book directly through their website. Hello, extra savings!

A Social Butterfly’s Paradise

If you’re traveling alone or looking to meet new people, hostels are your jam. The common rooms, shared kitchens, and social events make it super easy to mingle.

Pro Tip: Introverted? Fear not! Hostels today are offering more and more private spaces. You can socialize when you want and retreat when you don’t.

In-House Amenities

Forget the idea that hostels are bare-bone establishments. We’re talking cafes, bars, laundry services, free Wi-Fi, and sometimes even a gym!

Pro Tip: Many hostels provide lockers. Bring your own lock to keep your belongings safe while you’re out exploring.

Authentic Experience

Most hostels are locally owned, unlike the large hotel chains. This means you get a more authentic experience, rich in local culture. Plus, staff members are usually locals or avid travelers—so, free travel advice!

Pro Tip: Ask the hostel staff for local recommendations—you’ll get tips you won’t find in any guidebook.

Strategic Locations

Because they cater to budget travelers, hostels are often located in city centers or near major tourist attractions. Say goodbye to expensive cab rides!

Pro Tip: Some hostels offer free or cheap walking tours, which are a fantastic way to get to know the area.

Flexible and Easygoing

Hostels usually have a laid-back check-in/check-out process. If you arrive before your room is ready, many hostels will let you hang out in the common area or even store your luggage.

Pro Tip: Look for hostels that have 24-hour front desks if you’re arriving late at night or leaving early in the morning.

Community Vibes

The sense of community in a hostel is something hotels just can’t replicate. Shared travel stories, communal meals, and impromptu game nights are all part of the package.

Pro Tip: Join the hostel’s social media group if they have one. You can connect with other travelers and get real-time advice.

The Downsides (Yes, There are a Few)

Okay, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. You’ll sacrifice some privacy and comfort. But the experiences, savings, and friendships often more than make up for it.

Pro Tip: Bring earplugs and a sleep mask. Dorm rooms can get noisy, and you’ll thank me later.


Hostels aren’t just a place to crash; they’re an experience, a lifestyle choice, and a major travel hack all rolled into one.

So, ready to ditch that expensive, isolating hotel room for a more community-driven, budget-friendly alternative? Your adventure starts now!

Happy travels!

Vanesa Lucero
Vanesa Lucero
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