Hidden Gems of the Caribbean: Secrets Beyond the Crowded Beaches

Hidden Gems of the Caribbean: Secrets Beyond the Crowded Beaches
Vanesa Lucero
Vanesa Lucero
September 11th 2023

Hey there, island dreamers!

While many flock to the Caribbean for its postcard-perfect beaches, there’s so much more beneath the surface. Ready to break away from the resort crowds and discover the lesser-known treasures of the Caribbean?

Dive in with me!

1. Saba

The Unspoiled Queen: Unlike its neighbors, Saba is a tranquil haven free from commercialization. With stunning volcanic landscapes and world-class diving spots, this little island offers an experience unlike any other.

2. Bequia

The Island of Clouds: Nestled in the Grenadines, Bequia is a bohemian paradise. Its authentic charm, friendly locals, and pristine beaches make it the Caribbean’s best-kept secret.

3. Dominica

Nature Island: Forget sandy shores, Dominica is a jungle wonderland! Hike through its rainforests, explore its bubbling hot springs, and marvel at the Morne Trois Pitons National Park.

4. Guadeloupe’s Les Saintes

Gallic Flair in the Caribbean: These French islands are a dreamy blend of European sophistication and raw Caribbean beauty. Discover secluded beaches, forts, and indulge in some world-class French cuisine.

5. Martinique’s Mount Pelée

Hike to the Heavens: For those with an adventurous heart, Martinique offers the challenge of ascending Mount Pelée, an active volcano. The view? Absolutely worth the trek.

6. Curaçao’s Blue Room Cave

Dive into Magic: This hidden gem can only be reached by boat or a daring swim. The underwater cave is a sanctuary of blue, offering an ethereal snorkeling experience.

7. Montserrat

Emerald Isle of the Caribbean: Once devastated by a volcanic eruption, Montserrat has risen from the ashes. Experience its lush hills, Irish legacy, and listen to tales of resilience from locals.

8. Rincón, Puerto Rico

Surf’s Up: Venture west from San Juan and you’ll stumble upon Rincón, a surfer’s paradise. Its beaches offer the best waves, perfect for pros and newbies alike.

9. Tobago Cays

The Underwater Wonderland: Five uninhabited islands with crystal-clear waters make Tobago Cays a snorkeler’s dream. Swim with sea turtles, colorful fishes, and be one with nature.

10. Cayman Brac

The Rugged Beauty: While Grand Cayman grabs the spotlight, its sibling, Cayman Brac, boasts limestone caves, shipwrecks, and sheer cliffs that beckon the adventurous spirit.


So, my intrepid explorers, the Caribbean isn’t just about sunbathing at the usual spots. Beyond the horizons of the popular beaches lie islands and experiences that redefine Caribbean magic. Here’s your challenge: on your next Caribbean trip, skip the mainstream and dive deep into its hidden wonders.

Until we share our next treasure map, keep those wanderlust vibes alive and kicking!

Happy exploring!

Vanesa Lucero
Vanesa Lucero
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