Skip the Fees!: Your Playbook to Outsmarting Airline Extra Charges

Skip the Fees!: Your Playbook to Outsmarting Airline Extra Charges
Vanesa Lucero
Vanesa Lucero
September 11th 2023

Hey, savvy traveler!

Have you ever been blindsided by those sneaky airline fees when you thought you got a killer deal? Yep, we’ve all been there. But guess what? Today, I’m spilling the beans on how you can duck, dive, and dodge those extra charges like a seasoned pro.

Let’s get to it!

1. Be Bag Smart

Pack Light: Airlines love to make big bucks on checked luggage fees. The trick? Travel light. Master the art of packing efficiently to fit everything you need in your carry-on.

Know Your Limits: Different airlines have varying size and weight limits for carry-ons. Always check your airline’s guidelines and invest in a luggage scale to avoid surprises.

2. Reserve in Advance

Airlines sometimes charge extra for choosing your seat at check-in. If you’ve got a preference or are traveling in a group, reserve your seats when booking to avoid last-minute “premium seat” charges.

3. Bring Your Snacks

Rather than paying over the odds for in-flight snacks, pack your treats! Just ensure they comply with airport security guidelines. Pro-tip: An empty water bottle can be filled post-security, saving you from buying pricey bottled water.

4. Be WiFi Wise

Instead of shelling out for in-flight WiFi, download your entertainment ahead of time. Apps like Netflix and Spotify let you download shows and playlists for offline use.

5. Membership Perks

Sign up for airline loyalty programs. Even if you’re not a frequent flyer, membership can sometimes offer perks like a free checked bag or discounts on other fees.

6. Check-in Online

Some budget airlines charge a fee for check-in at the airport. Dodge this by checking in online and printing your boarding pass at home.

7. Watch for Dynamic Pricing

Ever noticed a flight price go up after searching a few times? That’s dynamic pricing in action. Always search for flights in incognito or private browsing mode to see the lowest prices.

8. Avoid Ticket Change Fees

Plans can change, but altering your ticket can come with hefty fees. Always double-check your dates before booking, and if you often have to reschedule, consider buying flexible fare tickets or travel insurance that covers changes.

9. Bundle and Save

If you’re sure you’ll need to check a bag or choose a specific seat, consider booking a fare that bundles these costs. It might seem pricier upfront, but it’s often cheaper than adding everything separately.


There you have it, my cost-conscious comrades! With a bit of foresight and these handy tips, you can keep more cash in your wallet where it belongs.

So, the next time you’re jet-setting, remember these tricks, and you’ll be flying fee-free in no time!

Till our next money-saving rendezvous, safe and savvy travels!

Vanesa Lucero
Vanesa Lucero
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